Iceland is deflected in the game, goal keeper Hradecky challenges the goal

“It’s unfair. I do not think the ball has crossed the goal line. I do not understand how they could recognize it when they could not be sure that the ball was in the goal, “Hradecky said.

After the first tug on the goal, the ball seemed to hold onto the line, but then another shot came and stopped with a face behind the line. But even repeated shots did not confirm that the ball was in the goal. “But I kept the ball, and when I kicked him again, he should have a foul whistle,” the goalman of Slovak origin was angry. “Iceland had only luck to the referee. The draw would be fair, but not that. A man tries to try something for 95 minutes and then gets a shot. I hope 1xbet bonus I will never see this Judge again, “he added.

This is a cause for pleasure in Iceland. They lost twice in the game.The first goal for Teema Pukkiho was Kári Arnason’s corner kick. But for two minutes after that, Finland returned to lead Robin Lod.

Iceland then bothered and even dropped a penalty that Gylfi Sigurdsson did not change. Only after the next corner was Alfred Finnbogason on the back.

The home continued under pressure and in the fifth set minute they were rewarded with the winning goal, which was ultimately attributed to Ragnar Sigurdsson, who first directed the ball to the goal, although it was Finnbogason.

Everyone was talking about whether the ball was behind the line. After my intervention, however, I thought it was 1xbet mobile the whole volume in the goalie. I understand Finn, we should behave the same way. But we can not talk about helping the judge. He made mistakes on both sides.Fortunately, the most important decision was to our advantage, “said Finnbogason.

” They were very nervous, but it is positive that we eventually managed to win. That’s the only thing that matters, “Arnason said after the game. “It’s really a relief. We have shown our resilience and militancy. It is great to see that our boys will never stop until they have three points, “coach Heimir Hallgrímsson has appreciated the performance of his wardens.

On the other hand, the coach of Finland was very upset. “I do not see how a referee can recognize a goal he is not convinced of. It’s scandalous because the goal should not have been paid, “said Hans Backe.